Jette-Ives is the amalgamation of writer/singer Jette Kelly and composer/producer Holmes Ives. The duo was introduced at a party in 2005 by a mutual friend who predicted an explosive collaboration. He was right. Jette & Ives spent the greater part of the year crafting songs inspired by a dark, torrid affair… The band emerged from Washington, D.C.'s vibrant indie music scene and intensified their live show experience by adding players with diverse musical backgrounds from the jazz and underground DJ worlds.


Jette Kelly:

Jette Kelly is a classically trained vocalist whose powerful voice and charismatic stage presence have enabled her to tour Europe and share festival playbills with names such as The Chemical Brothers, Scissor Sisters, and Franz Ferdinand.

For the Record: Jette is a comfortably debauched, indefatigable, salsa-dancing, chocolate fiend who harbors an unabashed reverence for dry red wine in the afternoon, Miles Davis at midnight, and 'Autumn Leaves' a la Eva Cassidy

Holmes Ives:

Holmes Ives is a renowned composer-producer who has released over forty singles on labels including Bedrock, Six Degrees, Global Underground, Renaissance, Koch, and Yoshitoshi, on which he had their highest selling single of 2005. Ives has produced and remixed for artists such as Moby, Bebel Gilberto, Deep Dish, BT, John Digweed and many others over the last decade. www.holmesives.com; www.ovaremixed.com; www.ovarecords.com

In the kitchen:   Jette insists that women worldwide should know that Ives loves to cook. Ives insists that women worldwide should know that the kitchen must not be solely relegated to food; nor should the table and countertops be restricted to eating.

Matt Lewis:

Matt Lewis is a brilliant classical guitarist & upright bassist who studied with the revered Dr. Nels Leonard (one of Andres Segovia’s first American students).  Matt’s muses are Bill Evans, Gonzolo Rubalcaba, Chris Potter, Eric Dolphy, Jack DeJohnette, and Scott LaFaro (to whom Matt refers as ‘god’). 

Jette-Ives is a stepping-stone to Matt's one true aspiration:A He secretly—and for questionable reasons—desires to play in a Spanish ACDC cover band. 'El Camino a Inferno'.

Danny Tait:

Danny Tait is a recent 'Bachelor in the Art of Music' graduate from Shepherd University. Danny has studied percussion for 15 years and has played Switzerland's prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival.

Additionally: Danny is a rather (endearingly) sarcastic pessimist who enjoys playing Jenga and contemplating the correlation between rhythm and lovemaking.

Scott Fogelgren:

Scott Fogelgren's childhood was inundated with music lessons--his stepfather was a concert pianist who taught at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Scott plays both the violin and the piano; he has sat in with the Naples Philharmonic twice and has also performed at Carnegie Hall. In addition to his impressive classical resume, Scott has been DJing blockbuster parties in Washington, DC for eight years.

How Scott finds time for Jette-Ives: Because he DJs cool parties, creates fabulous remixes, travels, and valiantly battles imperious deadlines, everyone is always surprised to see Scott at rehearsal. And yet—he's always there. So how does he do it? No one knows...but everyone's impressed.

Rex Riddem:

Rex Riddem is a widely respected DJ & percussionist who tours the United States, Latin America, and Russia with Thunderball
(ESL Music) and FK5 (Fort Knox Recordings). Additionally, he has recorded with Afrika Bambaataa of Zulu Nation. Rex’s tribal style rocks everything from laid-back samba breakbeats to latin-infused funk to trippy jazz-lounge. www.myspace.com/rexriddem

Oh Rex: Rex is most definitely the coolest member of Jette-Ives. He never smiles for photographs, is incessantly stylish, and unintentionally woos many a fan.

Guest Artists: John Moncure and Devesh Nirmul Bios coming soon